Family Getaway!

Sometimes, a complete break from the daily grind is the only way to reboot.

Bond with your family and explore Klipheuwel Farm Venue. Whether you and your family visit the farm for a weekend or a week, find a deeper connection with nature (and yourself) and experience boundary-pushing outdoor activities.  Admire the view on our pet friendly walking and hiking trails and become one with nature. The swimming pool is very refreshing with a beautiful view of the mountain in the warm summer months. Enjoy a picnic with your family while you enjoy every moment of the beautiful surroundings. If you stay for a few days make memories around the campfire with story’s that will be told for generations on. The calm you feel by slowing down and watching the sunset or the feeling of love and friendship while bonding with your family in nature is priceless.

Live a life of adventure. Living a life of adventure, exploration, growth, fun, and laughter is what empowers us to be our best selves.

Enjoy, play, bond and recharge with your family and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures of your special moments.

Experience and unforgettable family vacation on our Klipheuwel Farm.

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