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Klipheuwel Farm has always been our base of operation, not only do they have a huge farm house, two gorgeous luxury cottage and camp facilities; they also have brand-new mountain, river and field trails!

Built especially for The Hex Trails! How amazing is that!

We can ‘t be more excited to show everyone our brand-new trails! A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the building of these trails. It is a great mix of challenging climbs, technical descents, soft river sand, cement strips and mountain running.

Please keep in mind all routes are on private property and the necessary permission needs to be obtained for access to be granted.

"If the climbs don't leave you breathless, the view sure would."

As with all our runs, we do require a small fee for trail conservation purposes; so we can continue to expand this network of trails for all to enjoy responsibly.

Day permit fee: R20/pp

Annual permit fee: R400/pp

Annual Family permit fee: R600 
(limited to 4 family members per permit)

If you are staying at the Klipheuwel Farm Guesthouse, Cottages or campsite, your day permit fees are included in your stay.

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Here's our trails!

Baboon Trail

The baboon trail is the most challenging of our trails. With two steep climbs you can expect this trail to take an average of 5 hours to hike (with regular photo breaks) and 3 hours for an average trail runner.
This Trail starts and ends at Klipheuwel Farm Venue. and can be extended to a 15km trail when combining with the Cattle Trail.
Our mountains are extremely dry and most rivers are seasonal, so be sure to take enough water.

Route: 11.5km

Elevation Gain: 700m

Leopard Trail

The Leopard Trail is an up and down trail that starts out relatively flat, but could be a little technical for some. At around 2.5kms you will encounter a steep climb that will continue for another 2.5kms. Once you see the huge pine tree on the right, you will know you are almost at the top.

The view from the tree is absolutely worth the 500m of elevation gain. Just retrace your steps and you will be well on your way down. And yes, there are still Leopards in these parts of the mountains. They are extremely shy and wary of people so chances of encountering one of them are very slim.

Route: 10km

Elevation Gain: 500m

Klipheuwel Trail

The Klipheuwel Trail is spectacular and looks down on the whole Klipheuwel Farm. With a gradual climb, an unexpected plateau, and steep descent this 8km "up and down" trail offers something for everyone. Be sure to put your beer in the fridge before you tackle this one as it will surely leave you craving for a cold one when you get home! ( our mountain offers very little shade).

Route: 8km

Elevation Gain: 440m

River Trail

The River Trail was the first trail built on Klipheuwel Farm. This trail follows the natural curve of the river flowing from the Roode Elsberg dam higher up in the kloof. ​The river is seasonal and is usually bone dry in the summer months, but once the first winter rain hits the river bed, the river becomes alive with an abundance of plants, animals and insects. Most of the Klipheuwel Farm trails pass through the River Trail at some stage, but this is a great little trail on its own, if you just feel like getting out of the house for a bit.

Route: 4.5km

Elevation Gain: 50m

Cattle Trail

Cattle Trail? What a strange name for a mountain trail, right? Well, 3kms of this trail will take you through the cattle pasture. Don't worry as long as you keep your distance they are very docile and sometimes even shy. This is the least challenging trail in the Klipheuwel Farm trail repertoire, with the River Route section being the most technical part. This semi-circle trail starts and ends at the Klipheuwel Farm Venue. The route distance can be extended by going right instead of left when you get to the cement strips after crossing the wooden bridge.

Route: 7.5km

Elevation Gain: 60m

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